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Wednesdays With Myron - Early Years 1933-1952 Part I

I was born in Portland, Maine in 1933. My earliest childhood memory is that of setting fire to a field. I think I was using a magnifying glass. For a moment, I really thought the thing was going to race through the whole neighborhood. It was piece of open ground but I managed to stomp [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Early Years 1933-1952 Part II

National Guard March, Portland, Maine 1940Because my friends Steve and Ken came from middle class families where their parents had been to good universities and were active in the intellectual activities in the community, by visiting their homes and spending time with their parents, I got an enormous amount of encouragement from them to pursue [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - The Air Force (1953-1956), Part I: Basic Training and Texas

I went for basic training for the Air Force in upstate New York. Immediately, I learned that they were doing a theatrical production that had been written by a young Frenchman who had joined the United States Air Force called, Conquest of the Air. While growing up in Portland, Maine, I had been a [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - The Air Force (1953-1956), Part II: My Time In Alaska

B-29 Bombers on the runway I was then shipped to Fairbanks, Alaska for six months. Thankfully, I wasn’t on the hot stand. I was in the shop. The B-29 was a very large aircraft. The propeller system was difficult. You had to have something sensitive enough to change the planes angle. But you couldn’t do it [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - The Air Force (1953-1956), Part III: Setting Sail to Korea

On board a troop ship during the thirty days it would take to reach Korea, I used to shave in the head. The head was located in the prow of the ship and when the waves caused the ship to sink its prow under the waves, the water in the urinal would slosh from one [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Japan (1953-1956), Part I

I was stationed in Japan. I walked across the hanger and there was door that said, “High Security Clearance Required” (which I had). So I walked in and said, “What are you guys doing?” They explained that they  were responsible for scheduling all the maintenance on the aircraft and writing the work orders to [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Japan (1953-1956), Part II

During my time in Japan, I would go into the hangar and meet with all the Japanese guards. One of the bi-products of meeting them was that I had coffee. When the crews came back we had thermoses of hot coffee and lots of cream and milk and sugar. The guards didn’t like coffee particularly [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Japan (1953-1956), Part III

When I went back to work, I had already struck up a friendship with one of the guards by the name of Kenji. He invited me to his home and I met his wife. He took me on walks through the countryside that were so exotic. I was a kid from Portland, Maine. Here I [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Japan (1953-1956), Part IV

I went to the public baths in Japan. They were in gardens in separate houses. There were female attendants. I was often in Tokyo in the wintertime. I would walk out through the snow with little straw sandals in a light cotton Kimono and nothing else out to the bathhouse. You took off your [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Changing Gears (1956)

In Okinawa I made many enemies because I went into maintenance control with my own ideas. A major warned me that the men would punish me and he couldn’t protect me. He suggested I stay in the prop shop and I wouldn’t have any problems. So I opted for the trouble. I just never slept [...]

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