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About the Barnstone Studios

About the Barnstone StudiosFor thirty-five years, Myron Barnstone operated The Barnstone Studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania.

Students traveled from across the country, and the world, to attend his classes.

One question was repeatedly asked by art school graduates and art teachers:

"Why isn't this information taught in the art school I paid so much money to attend?"

Myron could only speculate that traditional schools feared they would frighten away potential students if they were to reveal just how sophisticated and demanding drawing, painting, color theory and design systems based upon the golden section really were.

Or, perhaps the teachers did not have this information because of inadequate training.

Can you imagine, as students, Leonardo or Michelangelo remaining in a class in which the so-called teacher, instead of teaching genuine information, simply encouraged students to express themselves freely, and then left the room?

The courses offered in this series of DVD and video lectures, including assignments and critiques, represent the foundation classes taught to thousands of Barnstone students. These artists either studied with Myron at his studio, or purchased his DVD lectures, in order to explore the lessons on their own.

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