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About Myron


Myron passed away on October 29, 2016. He was a teacher and mentor to many artists and forever changed the lives of those who studied under him. Although he's no longer here, his legacy of teaching lives on. Here, in Myron’s own words, are his thoughts about his life, and his teaching

From my earliest years I pursued art studies. In Portland, Maine, where I grew up, there was a small art school, the Portland School of Fine and Applied Arts, which I attended during my high school years. I also took part in the four year art program while in high school.

After high school, I spent a year at the New England School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. At this time, America was fighting a strange war with North Korea. I joined the United States Air Force and spent four year in special services as a set designer and painter, design teacher, propeller mechanic, chief clerk and maintenance control specialist at Yakota Air Force base near Tokyo, Japan. I was then transferred to Okinawa before assignment to Austin, Texas, from where I was honorably discharged.

I used the GI bill to study art at the Ruskin School of Art, in Oxford, England. Those four years allowed me to travel in Europe, with extended stays near Florence, Italy and Galicia, Spain, where I spent all of my time painting and studying design systems. I later returned to Boston to establish a studio close to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Library and the Helen Gardiner Museum.


At about this time I married, had a daughter and moved my family to Paris for two years, with later moves to Valencia and Majorca in Spain. In these locations I maintained a studio and worked full-time at my painting and design.

We returned to the States to live in the Lehigh Valley where i found teaching work at Moravian College, the Baum School of Art and Lehigh University. My work was exhibited at these colleges and at Lafayette College.

Next, an opportunity to return to Europe presented itself, and we moved to Paris where my work was well received. I exhibited at Gallery Lamiure, Tournasol, Gallery University and the American Church in Paris. These exhibitions were reviewed in the major Parisian and English newspapers and art magazines. My work was presented on French national television, ORTF TV.

When I returned to the United States in 1977, I opened Barnstone Studios, a one-man art school, in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania. I soon outgrew that space and moved my school to Coplay, Pennsylvania. There I rented a ten thousand square foot space, which I have only just recently closed. However, I have not stopped teaching. I now hold classes in my home for small groups of very advance students, all of whom have been studying with me for years.

My DVDs and videos are selling all over the world. These DVDs and videos, collectively, represent four years of university art training in foundation drawing and painting, pictorial composition, color theory and advanced figure drawing systems.

Therefore, this set of DVD and video lectures, classes and assignments represent a self-standing comprehensive university level art education.

Unlike so many "teach yourself" DVDs and videos, I do not trivialize my material to avoid threatening the timid. Were the craft of drawing, painting, sculpture and design a simple-minded form of therapy, these subjects would not have attracted the life’s work of so many great minds. Nor, would the world’s museums be so richly filled with masterworks.

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