Barnstone Studios Patreon Project

A Personal Invitation to Support Myron Barnstone’s Legacy

Patrons of the arts have made some of the world’s most iconic works possible.  In Renaissance Italy, the de’ Medici family supported Michelangelo, and the Sforza family employed Leonardo da Vinci.  Pope Julius II famously rebuilt St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, funding many master artists, including Raphael.

That same concept — generous patrons funding artists so they could create — now has a contemporary twist.  Patreon is a new internet initiative that links creative people to existing and potential supporters, giving donors the opportunity to be an essential part of a person’s or project’s growth and success.

Barnstone Studios invites you to become an important part of continuing Myron Barnstone’s legacy by getting in on the ground floor of our Patreon launch.

Through the Barnstone Studios Patreon program, you contribute a set amount monthly, and in return receive privileged access to all things Barnstone,and an immediate 5% discount on all Barnstone original art, prints and other merchandise.

Depending on the funding tier you select, ranging from $1 per month, you become eligible for things like virtual or in-person tours of the new Barnstone Studios in Thurmont, Maryland; the opportunity to win prints or original Barnstone works; VIP invitations to future Barnstone gallery exhibits; discounts for on-line courses, Barnstone Method classes or Barnstone Master Guide one-on-one sessions, and exclusive videos revealing never-before-seen works by Myron; the restoration process; behind-the-scenes of setting up a gallery exhibit, and so much more.  We will also recognize your participation in a special section on both our Patreon and Barnstone Studios websites.

Your contribution will support:

  • The Barnstone Art Education Project: Dedicated to continuing the Barnstone Method instruction Myron created through his recorded videos; in-person classes with Barnstone alumni; Barnstone essays, books and workbooks, currently in production, and partnering with schools to include the Barnstone Method in class curriculums.
  • Barnstone Preservation and Exhibit Expenses: Restoring, framing, and storing Myron’s 500 original works, most of which have been hidden from public view for over half a century; transporting original works to schools and galleries; creating commemorative catalogues for Barnstone exhibits; planning and pitching galleries on Barnstone exhibits.
  • General Barnstone Studio Expenses: Space rental, renovation and maintenance; collateral material; creating special videos; office equipment; staff; website; social media presence; advertising and marketing; publishing.

Just as ancient and classical artists were able to create epic work through the patronage of their admirers, Barnstone Studios can grow and thrive with your support.  Thank you for your consideration, and for believing in Myron Barnstone’s Legacy.

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