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Pablo Picasso Using the Golden Section

Pablo Picasso is well known for his unique and crazy paintings of twisted faces, lopsided eyes, fat cartoonish fingers, and psychotic bulls, but hardly anyone knows of his masterful use of the golden section. Today we take a look at one of his largest, most famous, and dramatic pieces he ever created…"Guernica." We'll see how [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Closing Barnstone Studios (2014)

And finally, after 32 years in Barnstone Studios in Coplay, we made the tough decision to shut things down. We had a sale. We sold all the furniture. I wasn’t there for that. That would have been too painful. Cathy negotiated all that, and it was painful for her, too. She grew up there.  Even though we had a rocky start [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Barnstone Studios (1982-2014), Part IV

I guess I’m a rather overwhelming fellow when I’m standing in front of a class lecturing. People have said I sound angry. Really, I’m just enthusiastic. The confidence I exude confuses people. I know my material. But there are people who are deeply offended by the self-confident. Strange.Students would hang their work on a specified wall in the studio when [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Barnstone Studios (1982-2014), Part III

Isabella Brant by Peter Paul Rubens Grandma Moses knew the Golden Section. She was a pretty sophisticated artist. One of her great talents was knowing how to sell herself as this fuddy-duddy old lady who did picturesque, primitive art. That wasn’t who she was at all. She was a multi-millionairess who built this monument on decorative art because she knew there was [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Barnstone Studios (1982-2014), Part II

Teaching with the back screen projector Barnstone Studios Shortly after I opened the studio, I designed a back-screen projector that was superb. A student’s father was a very clever mechanic, carpenter, electrician – he did it all. I gave him my plans, and he created the projector for me. Since I had given both of his kids scholarships, he only [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Barnstone Studios (1982-2014), Part I

Eventually, as students of all ages continued to find out about Barnstone Studios and clamor for classes, I outgrew that downtown Allentown location. I started looking for a larger space with great natural light.After an extensive search, I discovered a four-story warehouse in nearby Coplay, Pennsylvania. The top two floors were empty, and both boasted an open 5,000-square-foot space [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - Allentown (1977-1982)

Life in Europe was so rich and constantly filled with wonderous experiences. I had the opportunity to create hundreds of paintings, sketches and photographs, employing the geometric design system, The Golden Section, used by all the classical master artists.Hamilton Street, Allentown, PennsylvaniaI was starting to feel a pull to shift my focus away from creating my own work, and [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - England (1969-1976), Part III

Venetian loggia. Iraklion, Greece Every Easter, Cathy, my wife and I would go to Crete. We stayed in an inn at the end of a dirt road that was run by the Grammatikakis family. After the fifth year we went, they put in a tarmac road, telephone poles and the whole landscape changed because of the region’s flourishing tourist industry.We were [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - England (1969-1976), Part II

We then went to Totnes, which was a small tourist town in the southwest of England. We sent Cathy to a private school there called Dartington Hall.Dartington Hall, near Totnes, Devon, EnglandShe was with a bunch of aristocratic children, and is still in touch with friends she made there. The campus was absolutely marvelous. It is sad that it has since [...]

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Wednesdays With Myron - England (1969-1976), Part I

When we got to Devon, about 200 miles southwest of London, we couldn’t find a rental property. Our realtor told us Commander Rustom K.S. Ghandhi and his wife wanted to sell their home, but didn’t want to put it on the market. Buckfast Abbey, Devon, England We visited Commander Ghandhi and his wife, and were fascinated with their backgrounds. He was a [...]

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