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Active Participation (Newsletter 1981 Jan-April)

Sculpture "Horse" by Raymond Duchamp-Villon"One truly understands only what one can create" ~ Giambattista Vico (1668 - 1744)In his monograph on modern sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villon, William C. Agee quotes this exceptional artist as having said, "I do not believe that each epoch creates all parts of its aesthetic, but that it finds its roots in the preceding generations which have [...]

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​The Necessary Expedient (Newsletter 1981 April-Jun)

Students of Barnstone Studios. Photograph by Tavis Leaf Glover.Every individual attaining a personal mode of self-expression is self taught.However supportive one's training, the formation of an appropriate style and language is a private and very personal quest.The work of an accomplished artist establishes the standards by which it is judged. The body of work produced by an artist [...]

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Drawing I-A & Painting I (Newsletter 1980)

Drawing by Master Draftsman Peter Paul RubensThe foundation course in Drawing appears to be the first step in a two-step dance: such is the impression given by the schedule of classes as printed on the back panel of this newsletter. Alas. all is not as simple as it seems.In fact, a student rarely moves from Drawing I to Drawing [...]

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12,000 Student Grant Brings Studios’ total to $273,150 (Newspaper Article from 1988)

Painting by Barnstone Student Brigham DimickRebecca Fredericks may be the third-generation artistically inclined member In her family, but it took more than genes to win a 812,000 trustee scholarship to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.The 17-year-old daughter of Phyllis and Anthony Fredericks of Glen Rock, near York, formerly of Mertztown, say it took a lot of hard [...]

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​Creating Depth in Your Drawing or Painting with Aerial Perspective

Painting by Aelbert CuypA great way to add depth and atmosphere to your drawing or painting is to use aerial perspective. Allow your viewer to walk through your drawing or painting with their mind. After all, it’s an illusion. It’s a dirty trick, and a rotten lie that we can incorporate in our art to enhance the third [...]

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Top 5 Drawing Books Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What better way to inspire your art by studying and learning by the drawings of master painters. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has included over 400 FREE books for download and online viewing. I dug through the pile and searched out all of the well known and inspiring masters that I’m familiar with and came up with five of the [...]

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​The Road to Visual Literacy (Article from 1984)

Myron Barnstone Sunday Call – Chronicle, December 30, 1984The Call-Chronicle recently featured an article written by James J Kilpatrick in which he lamented the plight of the humanities in our colleges and universities. In that article he summarized a report written by William J. Bennett, director of the National Endowment for the Humanities. "College students, for the most part, are not [...]

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Oil Painting and Palette Control (Newsletter from 1979)

Painting above by Vincent Van Gogh.Did you know that there is evidence to indicate that painters have organized their palettes to the color wheel in much the same way that manufacturers of musical instruments design their products to a twelve tone scale? An interesting notion, isn't it? A palette upon which to perform. A palette designed to change keys [...]

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