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De-Mystifying the Art of Myron Barnstone


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About De-Mystifying the Art of Myron Barnstone

De-Mystifying the Art of Myron Barnstone

Instructor: Roger Brinker

Saturday, April 1st
Approx 2 hour lecture; 7pm - 9pm
Doors open at 6pm

$100 VIP Per Person

  • In person
  • Limited to 8 spaces
  • Light Refreshments
  • 20% off all items purchased that evening.

$75 General Admission Zoom

$50 Alumni Admission Zoom

*Scholarships available on Zoom only - please inquire by email to

This lecture presents a unique opportunity to:

  • Review methods developed in Barnstone’s artwork that came to form the foundation of his teaching practice.
  • Uncover the artist’s obsessions and hidden interests.
  • Explore the meanings behind his complex themes and social statements.  
  • Discover principles that can apply to our own artistic styles, conceptual approaches, or abstractions.

After Myron’s death in 2016, Cat Barnstone-Szafran revealed the wealth of her father’s artwork that had remained in storage for nearly 50 years. Works that received critical acclaim in Paris in the 1960’s could now be viewed once again. Shocking and prescient when first seen in the Cold War era, these works have lost none of their power. Myron’s work remains strikingly fresh and relevant.

Roger Brinker was familiar with a few works that hung in Myron’s residence as well as with photo albums seen by select students in the early days at the Barnstone Studios. However, he was astonished by the trove of more than 500 of Myron’s artworks that represent 15 years of dedicated, full-time endeavor. He became involved in cataloging the artworks and developing a chronology. That activity led to further revelations. In addition to curating a teaching exhibition of Myron’s work, Roger started to analyze and interpret the artworks in relation to the principles of the Barnstone Method. Comparisons to the master work slides from Myron’s lectures at the Barnstone Studios revealed correlations with modernists like Jacques Villon, Pablo Picasso, Willem de Kooning, and Rico Lebrun. Additional references cite Goya, Géricault, Rubens, and Michelangelo.

Roger is excited to share his insights with viewers eager to examine a virtuoso art that is extraordinary, both aesthetically and conceptually. Join him at the Barnstone Gallery in Thurmont, Maryland (limited capacity), or virtually via Zoom.

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