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Sarah Gayle


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About Sarah Gayle

Areas of Specialty: Fletcher Color, Barnstone Drawing 1 - foundation skills, golden section as a design tool, small studio application and daily use of Barnstone tools and methods.

Sarah brings a fresh perspective to helping students studying Myron’s recorded classes: in particular, Sarah is eager to share what she considers three key things she learned from Myron: how to draw, how to observe, and how to simplify.

Sarah was a full-time corporate professional when she first discovered the Barnstone Method, and she began working with the videos at home, traveling to the Barnstone Studios to study directly with Myron for a week at a time every few months. After several years as a long-distance independent Barnstone student, she was able to transition into her dream career of full-time professional artist and illustrator. Her diverse medium experience (illustration, pen/ink, digital, watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache) has made her an effective teacher at festivals and art society-sponsored events everywhere she’s lived, including the US, Germany, and Canada. Sarah also conducts private art sessions for students desiring to learn a variety of techniques and styles.

"My experience with the Barnstone Method changed my ability to be an artist so dramatically,” Sarah says, “that anything I can do to help other aspiring artists gain this knowledge I consider a great opportunity and responsibility. I am an enthusiastic teacher, and can observe and adapt quickly to an individual’s needs while explaining and demonstrating concepts in a variety of ways."

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