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Love it! The content and presentation are wonderful. I'm enjoying it particularly because of Mr. Barnstone's dynamic and complete presentation of subject matter that I haven't been able to find elsewhere.

Agnes Powell, purchased Golden Section – Unlocking the Secrets of Design and Introduction to Figure Drawing

Great support from Cat and crew!

Stephen d'Entremont, purchased Palette Control & Color Theory

Barnstone Studios has been impeccable in its sales, service and quality. As a "late bloomer" in art (60 years old), and since I live several hours from any city or any hands on resource, I've searched for a drawing instructor or class that could help me remotely. Barnstone is the best. I'm guessing the lecture content is the best there is anywhere. Thank you!

Agnes Powell, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

I stumbled upon Myron's videos on YouTube while searching for a drawing course. As soon as I started watching them I knew this was not your typical drawing course. While not for the faint of heart, I knew, absolutely, that this was a course that would, finally, teach me to draw the way the old masters learned to draw. I also oil paint and realize that before you can paint well you must draw well. I have not been able to stop watching these videos. They are extremely well done. Myron is a MASTER teacher. He's hard, but he's fair. I can't wait to get pencil to paper. I feel like I've come home!

John Orban, purchased Introduction to Drawing SystemsPalette Control & Color TheoryGolden Section – Unlocking the Secrets of DesignIntroduction to Figure Drawing

"I love this...I went to Webster University in St Louis in my fourties and they told me to stop paying so much money unless I planned to teach in academic setting so after two years I did ...since then I have learned more especially about color and watercolor my love...I still have questions tho...too bad there can't be a blog where we can ask..Julie aristedes got me here...I am amazed at M. B.. a true , gifted instructor ..as a former el ed teacher I feel such sorrow that art is left out of schools..it keeps me at 70 very passionate about my craft constantly improving and I wish I could buy all immediately but have to slowly...my experience has been teaching children...and my grandchildren now...so later I hope to do adults...thank you , thank you..."

Deeneann Ford, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"I am only up to the second video on drawing systems and the way I look at art and the World around me is already changing! There is a lot of information in each video so it may take several views and careful study of the reference sheets. I wish I had learned about this as a student!"

Andy Harris, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"I am a man with few words. My experience with the teachings of Myron have been a constant cerebral stimulus that fill me with peace and tranquility. I am so grateful for having found the teachings of Myron Barnstone.
It has been an enjoyment."
Don Diaz, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"I'm excited. Have begun 1st tape and am beginning to see triangles and squares and learning perspective. I'm not an artist but I do believe I am still teachable. I have played piano for many years but never done much artwork. I know in piano, practice is key and enjoyed Myron's analogy to twinkle twinkle little star. One has to begin somewhere. Thank you for these tapes."

Mirna Vidamour, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"Impressive teacher and [I] am glad for this online opportunity to learn."

Debra McBride, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"I downloaded the first class and have enjoyed it and learned a great deal. I enjoy Mr. Barnstone's teaching style and appreciate an instructor who has definite opinions about his subject. I am a beginning art student and wish that I could have taken such a course in college. No problems with downloading the video. Thank you Mr. Barnstone and I was sorry to see that you had to close your school."

Dean Smith, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"I'm so grateful to have found Myron Barnstone's dvd series!  His serious, thorough, structured, and passionate approach to teaching came into my life as a breath of fresh air and just at the right time.  I'm self-taught as a visual artist and have tried many methods, but while I'm still studying the first dvd,  I feel like I finally understand how to work, what to practice,  I'm seeing art more deeply and already drawing much better.  It's affordable for me and I can work at my own pace and in my own quirky way.  Thanks for making these available and giving this a little past middle age person a chance to make much more gratifying art."

Gretchen Seifert, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"Mr. Barnstone expects students to rigorously solve problems, make relations, and inferences. His teaching style fits my learning style.  As a self learner I've taken many wrong directions trying to learn color theory.  I've finally found the right direction. I highly recommend this instruction."

Mike Fladlien, purchased Palette Control & Color Theory

"As a former atelier student and current working artist, I find the knowledge in what Mr. Barnstone teaches as essential for anyone trying to follow the steps of the Old Masters. Brilliant and eye-opening, every and any serious student or artist needs to watch and study these timeless principles. I personally have experienced a profound change in my aspirations of becoming a great painter. Without Myron's teachings I would have never reached such a high level of artistic vision and understanding of nature. I owe the rest of my life to these teachings and will in turn pass them on to the next generation of artists. Thank you! The art world needs more teachers like Myron Barnstone."

Edward  Vasquez, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems, Golden Section, and Introduction to Figure Drawing

"Just last week I downloaded the first lesson of the introduction.I have listened to it from start to finish just one time, but Myron is a wonderful teacher and I am willing and able to make this the beginning of a long journey.  Even with this little exposure, I have been aware that my work is already benefiting from new understanding."

Susan Wright,  purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"I've bought numerous books on drawing but this is the first course that actually teaches you how to analyse what you see and also teaches the elements of good design. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about learning to draw, paint, or sculpt."
Cindy Hess, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"This instruction is allowing me to break out of the plateau in my skill development.  I am seeing relationships and drawing better each day.  What I like most, is how Mr. Barnstone breaks down a concept that I can apply to my work and transfer to my appreciation of art.  I will only say one thing "negative" and that is, you'd had better had some training in classical drawing before taking this class.  But, what a delight it is to learn new principles!

These are fantastic videos.  Mr. Barnstone has opened my eyes to seeing how to draw.  Every time I watch a video, I am amazed at the depth of instruction.  I like to use what I call "Meta Cognition" or thinking about what I'm thinking when I watch his videos.  I carry a drawing pad and a journal to write my notes.  I am so glad that I found these videos to enrich my instruction and my art."

Mike Fladlien, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"I am really enjoying the Palette Control & Color Theory series.  It has really opened my eyes to new ways of seeing color.  Thank you so much Myron for sharing this information."

Shirley Long, purchased Palette Control & Color Theory Download

"It has been 25 years or so since I last sat in one of Myron's classes. Fortunately I always took copious notes, because since that time I have been studying those notes closely to understand his teachings more clearly. Now that Myron has his classes recorded on DVD's I can relive that time both visually as well as materially.

Since receiving the 5 disc set, I have only had time to go through the first disc, and it was a joy. I felt as if I was actually sitting in the class room again, listening to his teachings, and enjoying his unique humor. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I'm learning things that I missed while studying there in person.

Please keep up the good work, and I look forward to my next purchase. Thank you."

Don Evans, purchased Palette Control & Color Theory Five Disc DVD Set

"During a 2nd photography workshop from Adam Marelli I asked him about several color issues I am trying to deal with at the moment. In that context he pointed me to your color theory course and told me that although it is primarily aimed at painters it would also add a lot for photographers.

So far I have downloaded the first of the 7 lessons color theory. It already tought me a lot. It is surprising to see how little mixing of colors can totally change the perception.

I will be viewing the lessons certainly more than once in the future to keep all the knowledge fresh."

Jan Kooreman, purchased Palette Control & Color Theory

"I quite enjoyed the first two courses that I have purchased. The concepts given are interesting as well as practical. I have been interested in drawing for some time, but have been having some problems getting into it, I started with a Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides it is a good book but seems to help mainly with live model drawing. Your method works well with both live models and imagined creations such as cartooning or anime. Which truth be told is what I am really interested in, in conclusion I plan on learning more of your method and would recommend it to others."

Richard Ruzicka, purchased Introduction to Drawing Systems

"These tapes introduced me to old and new theories, and concepts. The course allowed me to fill in the blanks that where missing from my education.  If you apply the work and time your drawing skills will improve. The tapes are eSy to understand.  I only wish there were feedbacks in the courses. Thanks you for the knowledge and time spent on these videos. "

Theresa Britton, purchased the Complete Video Series

"In my opinion, [Myron] is the greatest art teacher I have ever encountered.

His knowledge on design/drawing, color theory and art in general,  are second to none."

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James W. Cowman, purchased the Complete Video Series 

"There is definitely more going on behind the scenes with good art than I imagined.

In all my years, I have not seen anyone, except for Myron, give you the insight on how these masterpieces are constructed. A very enlightening and important education for artists and art lovers."

Frank Pirozzu, purchased the Complete Video Series

"My experience with Myron and the Barnstone Studios has been excellent. Myron's DVDs are priceless with the amount of information and insight they provide. I have searched endlessly looking for information on design and the golden section with very little luck. Four years ago I stumbled upon his website and ordered the 5 disc DVD "introduction to drawing systems" and have been forever grateful. I have learned more in one year from Myron then I have in 30 years on my own. You won't be disappointed in any of these DVDs and online courses. They are all exceptional."

James Cowman. purchased the Complete Video Series

"I found this dvd very helpful and informative. I would recommend to anyone who is interesest in this subject matter. Thank you."

Tyler Finnigan, purchased the Golden Section - Unlocking the Secrets of Design

"I found this dvd very informative. I own the 5 disc design dvd and have watched it endlessly. It's the most informative information I could find anywhere on the golden section, drawing systems and information on art in generaly. I have met Myron in the past, and i find him to be a geunine expert in the field. His knowledge goes beyond any university or onine documentation I have ever encountered. I feel grateful to come across this information. In my opinion, the cost of the dvd set is minimal considering the weath of priceless information that it contains. The only other information I have found on the golden section despite my best efforts was published in 1926 by Michel Jacobs. I litterally can't find anything else outside of Myron and his recommendations. I just find that astounding. Thank you Myron for bringing back the foundation of art and bringing it to the level it deserves. Truly appreciated."

James Cowman, purchased the Golden Section - Unlocking the Secrets of Design

"I loved everything I watched. Myron is fantastic!"
Craig Barrack, purchased the Introduction to Drawing Systems

"My experience with Barnstone Studios has been great. I have learned so much and have improved my art as well as my students art. I have a great process and procedure now that make my students successful at drawing. Any more helpful notes or examples or more videos would be great."

David Moore, purchased the Introduction to Drawing Systems

"Mr. Barnstone doesn't teach how to draw a figure, where exactly place a line, but he teaches how to see. This is the most important step to enhance drawing. I would definitely recommend this course."

Janka, purchased the Introduction to Figure Drawing 

"Awesome! Opened my eyes and mind."

Estuardo Saavedra, purchased the Introduction to Figure Drawing

"Very briefly studied at Barnstone Studios in the early 1980's. Myron was the first art teacher I had who actually taught art in a serious manner. I've worked as a professional illustrator/fine artist ( www.SeanDelonas.com ) for the past 30 years and still use what I learned from drawing those bottles. Thank you, Myron Barnstone."

Sean Delonas, former student

"I am an art teacher. I use the course not only for my professional development but also will be purchasing some of the recommended texts for our school library. My hope is to create interdisciplinary art/math projects."

Kathleen Swope, purchased Palette Control & Color Theory

"I have learned so much and have improved my art as well as my students art. I have a great process and procedure now that make my students successful at drawing. Any more helpful notes or examples or more videos would be great.  Thanks for all the great work!"

David Moore, purchased Palette Control & Color Theory

"Mr. Barnstone does a great job explaining the armature needed for a successful design and he also shows how to use it by superimposing the armature onto specific paintings. I would highly recommend this dvd if you're interested in design."


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