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“Point to point relationships…infinite possibilities. With a firm understanding of Dynamic Symmetry and my use of the Golden Section, gleaned from my studies with Myron at his much lauded Barnstone Studios, this Science/Math of design forms the foundation of my art; bringing me a solid expression of my understanding of creation. Everything is related. Nothing is arbitrary.”

— Gwendolyn Stine

1960 – 2020

Gwendolyn was already an artist who had concentrated on Fine Art in college before she began studying with Myron Barnstone at Barnstone Studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania. The Barnstone Method skills she learned took her art to a completely new level, and earned her national acclaim and numerous awards. Her original pieces are held in private and permanent collections across North America.

As a Barnstone Master Guide, Gwendolyn was one of an elite group of distinguished Barnstone Studios alumni doing one-to-one mentoring sessions with students studying the Barnstone Method recorded classes.

Deadline and How to Apply
2024 Scholarship Deadline - May 24, 2024
Winners will be announced May 31, 2024

The scholarship is open to everyone, from beginners to established artists. To submit an application, please click below.

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  • A spot in the Summer 2024 Barnstone Method Intensive: Foundation In Drawing & Design with Roger Brinker – Live via Zoom
    10-week course (10 total classes) from June 19, 2024 – August 21, 2024 – Value $1,500
    To find out more details about this comprehensive course visit the Art Education Page. 
  • Expert guidance from a certified Barnstone Master Guide
  • A complete Barnstone Success Kit, including:
    • the classic plaster Perrier bottle
    • handcrafted red oak calipers
    • Introduction to Drawing & Design Workbook
    • and other essential tools for mastering Barnstone Method drawing skills
  • Complete Scholarship package is valued over $2000!
  • Upon satisfying course requirements, winners will receive a Certificate of Completion

Some of Our Past Winners

Be a Part of This Joy & Creativity!

Whether you are an aspiring artist or patron of the arts – Join Us! Just look at these happy faces reacting to the news they had WON the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship. If you aspire to vastly improve your skills, submit an application and apply for the scholarship today! And if you are a patron of the arts, you can begin to see how incredibly valuable your loyal support is to our mission of art education, and fostering an appreciation of fine art. THANK YOU – for participating, for donating, for enriching all our lives, and helping to make the world a more artistic and beautiful place.  We could not exist without you, and we are so deeply grateful.

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