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Lecture Set: Foundation in Drawing & Design

Introduction to Drawing Systems

Comprised of 10 lessons, this set is the most comprehensive drawing & design course available. As the centerpiece of the Barnstone Method, this course offers Myron Barnstone’s collection of 10 recorded lectures which convey essential, underlying techniques that are not readily available in most art education programs or classes today, making this course an invaluable resource for designers, experienced or aspiring artists and arts educators. The course comes complete with exercises and critiques.

$500 And Under Gallery

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“It takes a great man to teach a lost skill. It takes a genius to teach it while being an inspiration and the father of a renaissance. Myron Barnstone is this man.”

~ David Vaida

Allentown Morning Call

Lecture Set: Palette Control & Color Theory
Did you know that there is evidence to indicate that painters have organized their palettes to the color wheel in much the same way that manufacturers of musical instruments design their products to a twelve tone scale? A palette is a tool and instrument which should respond, in an orderly way, to the painter’s demands. The fear that color control and color theory are complex and difficult are unfounded: using this approach, the student will be able to gain insights and techniques to create an all-embracing unity to the colors they employ.
Prerequisites: Comprised of seven courses, Palette Control & Color Theory presuppose a sound understanding of the principles of drawing, value organization and design principles, all of which can be found in the Foundation in Drawing & Design course.

$500 And Under Gallery

The Golden Section

Unlocking the Secrets of Design
Single Lecture DVD:

The Golden Section is art’s greatest mystery. Often referenced but rarely understood, it was the closely guarded secret that gave birth to everything from clandestine societies like the Masons to the painting guilds that dominated the Renaissance.

Prerequisite: Drawing 1 Course Completion Strongly Recommended


$500 And Under Gallery

$500 And Under Gallery

Introduction to Figure Drawing
Single Lecture DVD:

The purpose of this illustrated lecture is to provide art students with an overview of the drawing devices, conventions, and the systems employed by master artists to construct drawings of the human figure. To quote Edgar Degas: “A picture is something which requires as much knavery, trickery and deceit as the perpetration of a crime.” An artist does not draw what he sees, but what he must make others see: this course will provide discussion and analysis of master drawings, and explain why it is that a master draughtsman must never copy what he sees.


$500 And Under Gallery

Figure Drawing

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Complete Video Series

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From drawing & design to color theory, discussion of the Golden Section to detailed coverage of figure drawing, this is the collection that includes it all! If you want to be a better designer, learn how to draw well, enhance your photographic, sculpting, or other artistic endeavors, the content included in the Barnstone Method videos will unlock new skills, techniques and insights. This is an ideal collection for the beginner, experienced professional, and arts educator.


$500 And Under Gallery

$500 And Under Gallery

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