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Classical Art Education to Nurture Your Artistic Potential

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Celebrated master artist and teacher Myron Barnstone maintained that anyone, with the right education and dedicated practice, could learn to draw very well.

In fact, Barnstone created an entire method of teaching – the Barnstone Method – that affords students of every level (from beginners to hobbyists to established artists) exactly that opportunity: to learn the fundamental disciplines – the skills, craft and techniques taught in classical Renaissance ateliers – that have largely been lost in modern art education. Thousands of students have achieved noteworthy success, won uncounted thousands of dollars in scholarships to the most acclaimed art institutions, and attained personal fulfillment and confidence through their experience with the Barnstone Method.

Myron’s legacy lives on today, through an educational experience comprised of his videotaped lectures, detailed workbooks, and live education provided by Barnstone-certified Master Guides.

We invite you to become a vibrant part of this legacy!

Our Artist Heritage and Genealogy

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Missed the lecture? No problem! The complete lecture is now available for purchase.

Craft Club

Paint & Pass Collaborative Abstracts

With Lauren G. Koch at the Barnstone Gallery in Thurmont. August 4th, 1-3 PM

Barnstone Gallery

Open to the Public

We are open to the public the first weekend of each month, starting with August 3rd & 4th.

Open 10am-5pm 202 A E Main Street, Thurmont Md.

Barnstone Studios FREE Virtual Drop-in Drawing

Sessions are open to everyone!

Every Tuesday Night

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST

My Artist Heritage T-shirt

Now Available!

Barnstone Studios Alumnus and teacher Roger Brinker investigated our common heritage by researching who were Myron’s teachers, and who were their teachers. What he discovered is an artist genealogy that stretches to the very beginning of Western Art!

That information is now available in the form of a stunning 2-sided full-color T-shirt for the whole world to see.

New Virtual Gallery

Drop-in Drawing

Please visit our new Virtual Gallery where we will be featuring a variety of artwork from our alumni and current students. The current Virtual Gallery features artist work from our Drop-in Drawing sessions.

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Successful Artists​

Have Learned from the Barnstone Method. You Can, Too!

Alex Curtis

Pixar Animation Studios

Barnstone Alumnus Alex Curtis, who studied under Myron Barnstone, works with Pixar. Curtis has worked on animated films such as Soul, Incredibles 2, Onward, Toy Story 4, Finding Dory, and Cars 3. Curtis credits Myron’s teachings in helping him to attain his goal of becoming a 2D animator: Curtis studied Barnstone’s rigorous program, based in the philosophy of art as design – “a language with rules” – during which time Curtis learned the nuances of shadows, geometric forms, figure drawing, and precise value control – all essentials in becoming a 2D animator.

Juliette Aristides

Artist, Author, Instructor

Juliette Aristides was the Founder and former Director of the Aristides Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, Washington. She teaches workshops internationally, and is the author of six best-selling books about classical drawing and painting. Juliette credits Myron Barnstone with showing her “…a world I had sensed existed, but had never seen. Drawing was taught as a language, and Myron was ferociously passionate about his subject. Myron continues to influence the next generation through his videos, and he lives on as a voice of excellence in the minds of those lucky enough to know him.”

Frank Hanner


Barnstone alumnus Frank Hanner, who studied with Myron Barnstone, is working with Disney in their animation and visual effects department. Hanner worked on films such as Frozen 2, Moana, Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Frozen, Tangled, Bolt, Meet the Robinsons and Chicken Little. After Curtis took classes at Barnstone Studios in Coplay, he attended and graduated from the California Institute of the Arts. Just two weeks after his graduation, he landed the job with Disney working on Chicken Little.
“At 80, I continue to consider myself a student! I credit Myron Barnstone for this amazing lifelong learning approach. To this day, I still re-read his words, review his CDs and, in my head, I listen to his voice as I work. Myron, and the Barnstone Method, are still very much involved in my studio work every day.”

~Sydney McGinley

Award-winning pastel artist and Barnstone alumna

Art Education Reimagined

Enjoy Enhanced, Live Instruction via Our Fully Digitized Studio

$500 And Under Gallery

The Barnstone Method Intensive: Foundation in Drawing & Design

There is a common language of design shared across the great style periods in Western art – a lineage of craftsmen, fine artists and architects, that were trained in the classical art tradition, mastering the essential principles of design that would permit them to create any of the painted and sculpted works that populated the cathedrals, public buildings, parks and residences of Europe.

Now you can obtain this essential training, giving you the skills, techniques and rigor to attain your own best work: Foundation Drawing and Design, the hallmark course of the Barnstone Method.

Registration In Now Open For Summer 2024! 10-Week Course Dates: June 19, 2024 - August 21, 2024.

For Self-Paced Options

“For years I have stressed that my students study Barnstone’s foundational teachings. I am absolutely delighted that the Barnstone Foundation Drawing & Design course is now available on this unique, groundbreaking digital studio platform.”

~Juliette Aristide

Gage Academy of Art

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