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Barnstone Patreon Program

Continuing a Time-Honored Tradition

Patrons of the arts have made possible some of humanity’s most iconic works: in Renaissance Italy, the de Medici family supported Michelangelo, and the Sforza family employed Leonardo da Vinci. Pope Julius II famously rebuilt St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and funded many master artists, including Raphael.

In return, these patrons had the joy and satisfaction of actively participating in the creative process, benefiting their communities, and ensuring the creative legacy continues.

Join Us in the Tradition!

Our Patreon program allows Barnstone fans to enjoy custom content and special insider benefits in return for a monthly level of financial support.

Your contribution supports:

  • The Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship Program – “To unlock the creative potential for an ever-expanding artistic community…” We at Barnstone want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, as the master, Myron Barnstone so often said, to “draw very well.” This Scholarship Program provides direct financial assistance in the form of tuition assistance, full-ride scholarships, supplies and other resources are available to interested, motivated and eligible candidates for all Barnstone educational offerings. These offerings include (but are not limited to) live online intensives, DVDs/downloads, workshops, seminars, supplies and one-to-one art education mentorship for selected aspiring artists.
  • The Barnstone Art Education Project – Dedicated to continuing the Barnstone Method instruction that Myron Barnstone created, the project sustains and makes available existing Barnstone Method educational resources, including: recorded videos, Barnstone essays and publications, and Barnstone artwork exemplifying foundational art concepts. In addition, the project funds expanded programs, including: new curriculum development, sustained expansion of the Barnstone Master Guide program, and development of additional publications based upon the life and works of Myron Barnstone and the Barnstone Method.

See What You’ll Receive!

Sketch - $10 per month

Ongoing access to Patreon exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes stories of the Barnstone studio and more
Your name as a Barnstone Studios supporter listed on our website
Dartmoor Photography Booklet showcasing Myron’s photographic skills (mailed to you)
Every Quarter, you will receive a Barnstone-related surprise delivered to you

Draw - $25 per month

Everything in the Sketch Tier plus:
Exclusive recordings of past one-to-one Barnstone Master Guide and student work sessions: these videos contain Master Guide tips, answers to student questions and provide examples of how the Master Guide and student sessions work. Recordings released 2x per month
Introduction to Drawing & Design Workbook (mailed to you)
access to Patreon exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes stories of the Barnstone studio and more

Design - $49 per month

Everything in the Sketch and Draw Tiers plus: 
15-minute session with the Barnstone Master Guide of your choice
Barnstone Studio art catalog featuring past art show collections (mailed to you)
20% discount off courses for as long as you are a Patreon supporter at this level (discount code will be emailed to you)

Golden Section - $249 per month

Everything in the Sketch, Draw and Design Tiers plus:
3 ft x 4 ft, high quality, Myron Barnstone Art Heritage Poster showing the direct link between Myron and past great masters such as Da Vinci, Raphael, Degas and more (mailed to you)
Access to all Barnstone Studios classes on Teachable on-demand learning as long as you are a Patreon supporter at this level (discount code will be emailed to you)
1 Hour session each month with the Barnstone Master Guide of your choice

Myron’s Angels - $1,000 per month

Everything in the Sketch, Draw, Design and Golden Section Tiers, plus: 
Free access to all Barnstone Method workshops and webinars taught by Barnstone Studios alumni
Free access to the Master Guides for one-to-one lessons
A USB drive with 500 of the slides Myron used in his lectures to demonstrate how master painters use the Golden Section
A leather-bound reproduction of Myron’s anatomy sketch book created during his years at Ruskin School of Art in Oxford, England: an exclusive for our Patreon $1,000 level supporters

Interested patrons can learn more and sign up immediately by visiting the Barnstone Patreon Web Page

Come Grow With Us!

Participate in the Barnstone Patreon Program, and help us continue to sustain, grow and expand upon Myron Barnstone’s legacy.
Thank You So Much!

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