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Chris Rohrbach


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About Chris Rohrbach

Areas of specialty: Drawing; composition; color, including Frank Morley Fletcher’s palette control; Johannes Itten’s color contrasts, and fundamentals of Joseph Albers’ color harmony.

Chris studied with Myron at Barnstone Studios for three years before enrolling in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. He has taught at Barnstone Studios, Lehigh University, The Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Mellon University.

After gaining knowledge and skill under Myron’s instruction, Chris has been applying what he learned to his professional work as an artist and teacher for the past 25 years.

“I enjoy sharing the information and experience I gained from Myron with students, and I would like to extend my reach to a broader group of people as they move through the Barnstone lessons,” Chris said.

He typically takes a hands-on approach to teaching, where he outlines the goals of a lesson at the onset, demonstrates the approach, and then provides students ample time to practice it themselves.

“Myron lovingly referred to this method as generating an ‘intelligent mess,’” Chris said. “I find that this process enables me to connect with each individual student by peppering their efforts with one-to-one conversations and tutorials as warranted. I believe it also helps students solidify their understanding, value, and application of each lesson.”

At the core of successful artists, Chris believes, are knowing the value of hard work and dedicated practice; learning the rules before attempting to break them; and bringing their own experiences and sensibilities to their work. “As a result,” says, Chris, “the act of creating becomes a personal endeavor that invites interpretation.”

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