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Simon Reed


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About Simon Reed

Areas of Specialty: include illustration, cartooning, animation, color theory, creating and maintaining likeness, and working with distortion to convey movement and emotion.

Simon Reed studied with Myron Barnstone from an early age, living and studying in-studio with other full time apprentices to master fundamental techniques and to add solid illustration and figurative design skills beyond the arts training he’d previously received. He applied his refined technique and drawing skills to his work in cartooning, doing commission work, as well as stylized cartoons, caricatures and portraits in entertainment venues and events.

“My work as a cartoonist would benefit directly from Myron’s precise and insightful analysis,” says Reed. “I would draw a rabbit, and Myron would take the illustration, put it up on the wall and show how its elements reflected the Golden Section. His teaching about the connections, drawing with the lines, informed my drawing with the curves. Drawing styles are languages, and the Barnstone Method teaches how to master the essential classical language of two dimensional art: from this mastery, you begin to be able to create your own unique poetry of expression.”

“I definitely infuse a spirit of fun into the study of classical drawing education,” continues Reed. “When coaching students, my aim is to help nurture your enjoyment of the process: I infuse my educational sessions with humor, and I can help you learn the essentials you need to know in order to discover your own unique style.”

Reed maintains an extensive online portfolio of commission work, stylized cartoons, caricatures and portraits. For more information about Barnstone Master Guide Simon Reed, please visit  and the artist's Instagram account @theamazingcaricatureshow

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