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Our Artist Heritage and Genealogy


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About Our Artist Heritage and Genealogy

Our Artist Heritage and Genealogy

Instructor: Roger Brinker

Since Myron Barnstone’s passing in 2016, Roger Brinker was inspired to explore his artistic connections, looking at Barnstone and his teachers, and their teachers, and so on, wondering how far back this went. What he discovered was a direct lineage - an artist genealogy - that extended through the entire history of Western Art! He learned that we and our teacher, Myron Barnstone, are part of a succession of artist/teachers that join together luminaries such as Delacroix and Degas, in addition to Raphael, Botticelli, and Leonardo Da Vinci!

Myron Barnstone always believed that the study and deep appreciation of art constitutes our collective heritage. What Myron didn’t know was that our connection with a vast number of artists he valued so profoundly was literally our birthright.

Roger is eager to share his discoveries and insights with the Barnstone community. Join him as he explores our common artist ancestry and reveals our direct connection with many of the great masters of world art.


Roger created a flow chart poster that details each of the artists that populate our Artist Heritage. Recently, he produced a T-shirt that displays a ‘greatest hits’ of our best-known artist ancestors. Everyone attending this presentation in person will be entered in door prize drawings that will include the opportunity to win one of the Artist Heritage posters or an Artist Heritage T-shirt. The posters and T-shirts will also be available for purchase the weekend of the open house.

[ As a teenager in the late 1970’s, Roger Brinker began his studies with Myron Barnstone. From 1985 to 2003, he taught the Barnstone Studios Youth Classes, where precocious students began their serious study of master design systems and the Golden Section. Today, Roger is the lead instructor of the New Barnstone Studios as we segue from the original brick and mortar institution into the virtual realm. ]


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