Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship

“Point to point relationships…infinite possibilities. With a firm understanding of Dynamic Symmetry and my use of the Golden Section, gleaned from my studies with Myron at his much lauded Barnstone Studios, this Science/Math of design forms the foundation of my art; bringing me a solid expression of my understanding of creation. Everything is related. Nothing is arbitrary.”

— Gwendolyn Stine
1960 – 2020

Barnstone Studios is honored to announce the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship, open to everyone interested in taking their artistic skills to the next level, and learning to draw very well.

Gwendolyn was already an artist with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art before she began studying with Myron Barnstone at Barnstone Studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania. The Barnstone Method skills she learned took her art to a completely new level, and earned her national acclaim and numerous awards. Her original pieces are held in private and permanent collections across North America.

As a Barnstone Master Guide, Gwendolyn was one of an elite group of distinguished Barnstone Studios alumni doing one-on-one mentoring sessions with students studying the Barnstone Method recorded classes.

The Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship awards winners will receive the complete 9-part Barnstone Method Video Series, three months of Barnstone Master Guide instruction, calipers, and a plaster Perrier bottle, a key element of learning dynamic symmetry and design.

The scholarship is open to everyone, from beginners to established artists, and will be awarded quarterly.  Winners of the 2020 Summer Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship were announced the week of June 21.  Applications for the 2020 Fall scholarship will be accepted through midnight September 12.

The Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship is made possible through the ongoing support of the Barnstone Studios Patreon Community and the following generous donors: Dita Daub, Joe & Emily Vincent, Dr. Yolanda Roth Moyer, Marjorie Buckley, Dr. Tracy Culbertson, Leslie Nordness, Renee Barnstone, Malakai King, Michael Mentler, Thomas Futyna, Susan Roehm, Stacie Spencer, Nancie Liles, Connie Olson, Jonna Rae Bartges, Sherri L. Philpott, Bob Debin, Carol L. Matthews, Stephanie Brotzman.

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Five percent of the purchase price of all original Barnstone art, and gallery-quality limited edition prints, goes directly into the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship Fund. 100% of the sale of $125 one-of-a-kind 16 x 20 prints goes directly into the Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship fund. 

Gwendolyn Stine Scholarship logo created by Barnstone Studios alumnus and award-winning graphic designer William Childs,

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