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Barnstone Studios Color Theory Class 4 Download


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About Barnstone Studios Color Theory Class 4 Download

Lesson Four - the Twisting Plane

In lesson four you will continue to experiment with color and value, creating an exaggerated 3D effect of a twisted paper in space with only value and color changes as your tools.

Skill Set 

  • Mix neutrals to follow a schematic design
  • Match values of an overpainting to its underpainting
  • Practice variations in edge painting for your underpainting and overpainting
  • Observe and practice the adjustment of value contrasts to affect color
  • Observe and render the color changes along curving surfaces of form or atmospheric changes in space

This course presupposes a sound understanding of the principles of drawing, value organization and design principles, all of which are offered in the foundation in drawing and design course

Individual downloads and DVDs are available for convenience and affordability.
Each item is part of a lecture series and is recommended to be watched in the following order:
Drawing & Design Lectures 1-10
Golden Section Lecture
Figure Drawing Lecture
The Palette Control Color Theory Lectures 1-7.*
*If viewed separately from the Drawing & Design Lectures, follow up with the Gold Section Lecture.

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