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Complete Video Series Download


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About Complete Video Series Download

Barnstone Design Method on Video

If you want to be a better designer or want to learn how to draw well, whatever your goals may be the content in the Barnstone Design Method videos will help you achieve them. The methods and principles taught are not readily available making this set an invaluable resource for the designer, artist and arts educators.

The Barnstone Digital packages follow the curriculum developed by Myron Barnstone to teach Drawing & Design. Mr. Barnstone’s Methods have proven to be successful over the past 30+ years in the amount of scholarship money awarded to students as well as the successful careers of a number of professional Artists, Architects, Educators & Designers.

Anyone wishing to purchase and study from the video sets is strongly encouraged to start with Drawing Lesson 1 and proceed through the material in order. Mr. Barnstone builds upon each previous lesson. The Figure Drawing and Color Videos would be best studied after all the Drawing material. Included are projects to reinforce all concepts and best practices with a critique of the assignments in the following videos.

Drawing Videos: The most comprehensive drawing & design course available anywhere. Take your time and repeat and review as necessary.

To further enhance your learning experience, purchase the accompanying workbook: Introduction to Drawing & Design

Lesson 1: 2 Dimensional Analysis of Bottle Designs

Basic language, principals & ideas will be explored that start the foundation of the Barnstone Method of Drawing & Design. Includes gesture drawing, line drawing & geometry of the bottle.

Lesson 2: The 2 Dimensional Still Life Arrangement

The previous lesson will be expanded to include a complete still life arrangement while exploring aerial perspective, Figure to ground relationships, line drawing and passage. The importance of objective self critique will be introduced.

Lesson 3: The Sphere in the Cube

Introducing the basic methodology in constructing a drawing that appears in the 3rd dimension.

Lesson 4: 3D Projection of Still Life

Incorporating the material covered in Lesson 3 to the bottle still life worked with in previous lessons.

Lesson 5: The Sphere in Value

Exploring value & light as it relates to a sphere. Introducing the concepts of vignette, aerial perspective and passage and how they are used in a value drawing.

Lesson 6: Value Zone System

A value system to organize space and enhance the illusion of depth in the picture plane is presented.

Lesson 7: The Golden Section specifically the Root 2 Rectangle

Overview of the Golden Section Geometry and how it relates to design and drawing.

Lesson 8: The Plant

A living object is introduced and explored as subject matter for applying the previous lessons.

Lesson 9: The Portrait and the geometry of the head

Introduction of the Geometry of the Head as it relates to drawing and design

Lesson 10: Dynamic Symmetry

Further exploration of the Geometric systems and Root Rectangles used in design and Art.


Through a series of 7 lectures & assignments the Fletcher Color Control system is examined and applied to exercises.


The previous information is expanded on & applied to drawing from the live model.


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4 reviews for Complete Video Series Download

  1. David Moore

    I have learned so much and have improved my art as well as my students art. I have a great process and procedure now that make my students successful at drawing. Any more helpful notes or examples or more videos would be great.

    Thanks for all the great work!

  2. David Moore

    My experience with Barnstone Studios has been great. I have learned so much and have improved my art as well as my students art. I have a great process and procedure now that make my students successful at drawing. Any more helpful notes or examples or more videos would be great.

  3. James Cowman

    Myron’s DVDs are priceless with the amount of information and insight they provide. I have searched endlessly looking for information on design and the golden section with very little luck. Four years ago I stumbled upon his website and ordered the 5 disc DVD “introduction to drawing systems” and have been forever grateful. I have learned more in one year from Myron then I have in 30 years on my own. You won’t be disappointed in any of these DVDs and online courses. They are all exceptional.

  4. Frank Pirozzu

    There is definitely more going on behind the scenes with good art than I imagined.

    In all my years, I have not seen anyone, except for Myron, give you the insight on how these masterpieces are constructed. A very enlightening and important education for artists and art lovers.

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