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Drawing System Class 7 & 10 Download


About Drawing System Class 7 & 10 Download

Lessons 7 & 10 specifically focus on Dynamic Symmetry, the root rectangles, the Golden Section, and the armature of the rectangle for design. These two lectures lay the foundation for the artist who wants to unlock the methods of classical masters’ design. The mysteries of Dynamic Symmetry and the Golden Section are presented in a simple, straightforward manner anyone can understand and utilize. Lesson 7 is a fundamental overview of how to construct and use the Rt 2 rectangle, the simplest and most common of the rectangles in the system. Lesson 10 takes the information a step further with a more detailed overview of all the rt rectangles, and how they are most effectively implemented.  All serious art students who wish to build works with cohesion and unity need these 2 lessons.

To further enhance your learning experience, purchase the accompanying workbook: Introduction to Drawing & Design

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