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“Nothing in art is any more arbitrary than that which you would find in metric poetry or metric music, or any other intellectual form. Everything has a structure. Everything has a beginning, a middle, an end. It has purpose, and it falls in a tradition.”

- Myron Barnstone


For 35 years, internationally trained and respected fine art instructor Myron Barnstone warned his thousands of students that being “creative” was not enough. To be successful artists, he said, they must learn the secret discipline the masters used — the highly structured, geometric design system known as The Golden Section.


Barnstone, who passed away in 2016 at the age of 83, was known for being painfully direct in his critiques of students’ work posted on the “Impaling Wall.” Instead of being intimidated, serious would-be artists of all ages continuously filled his classes. Many alumni have become art instructors, authors, professional artists, and leaders in industrial design, pastels, photography and even animation.


Myron’s unique and effective teaching style lives on in his DVD courses and downloads available through BarnstoneStudios.com. New this year, people purchasing his classes can finally receive the same type of constructive mentoring Myron himself provided through the Barnstone Master Guides program.


Through live one-on-one skype sessions, an elite group of professional artists and teachers who personally studied with Myron are available to coach and guide people studying the Barnstone Studios video classes.


Through live skype sessions or phone calls, Barnstone Master Guides will:

  • Do a personal analysis of students’ work
  • Offer constructive tips on how to improve
  • Answer questions about specific concepts Myron teaches in the DVD classes
  • Suggest other helpful books or DVDs
  • Illustrate examples of design principles
  • Coach the student in creating a portfolio for college or employment. Barnstone Studios alumni have collectively received over $4 million in scholarships after submitting their work to universities and fine art institutions around the nation.


Students purchasing a session with a Barnstone Master Guide have two options:

  • 30-minute evaluation and coaching session: $55
  • Hour-long evaluation and coaching session: $100

Your Master Guide will be in touch shortly after your purchase to schedule a time for your 1 on 1 session. 




Areas of specialty: Sign Painting, Murals, Graphic Design, Figure Drawing

Craig Stevens has been an artist since he began recreating illustrations from his favorite books as a youngster.  He discovered his love for figure drawing during his seven years of study at Barnstone Studios, and continued to follow his passion through his studies at Kutztown University, Moravian College and Coastal Carolina University.  Currently, he is Creative Director of Coastal Outdoor Advertising while pursuing his life-long ambition of being a full-time working artist.

Website: Behance.net/craigstevens



Areas of specialty: Art Instruction and Mentoring; Professional Lecturer; Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Product Design, Exhibit Design, Presentation and Portfolio Development

Roger Brinker studied with Myron Barnstone for several years before earning his BFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. His university training included studying art in Rome. Roger returned to Barnstone Studios as the Youth Class Instructor for 18 years while also serving as an Adjunct Professor and Lecturer at Lehigh University’s Department of Design and Department of Art and Architecture.  He is currently the Visual Art Instructor at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts.  Roger’s fascination with art history inspired him to research Myron’s Artist Genealogy, the lineage from student to teachers spanning the history of Western Art and linking Myron directly to such classical masters at da Vinci and Rembrandt.




Areas of specialty: Conte Charcoal Sketching, Digital Imaging

Since childhood, Gwendolyn Stine has delighted in seeking the connectedness of all things, imagining infinite possibilities, and asking…why?  Her passion led her to a Fine Arts degree from Kutztown State College in Pennsylvania, and then three years studying with Myron Barnstone.  With her firm understanding of Dynamic Symmetry and her use of the Golden Section, the Science/Math of design is the foundation of Gwendolyn’s art, bringing her a solid expression of her understanding of creation.  Everything is related, and no thing is arbitrary.  While she tends to the technical aspects of bringing these concepts to a page, she feels it is something much greater than herself that compels her to see and capture what she does.  It is her hope to cause the viewer to pause and to touch something within them that rings true. Her charcoal drawings have garnered national awards and are held in both private and permanent collections.

Website: Gwendolynartist.com



Areas of specialty: Industrial Design, Converging Technology and the Arts, Lighting Design

Kristin Keilt has dedicated her career to the intersection of art, design, form and light.  Her award-winning work focus on the ways design and lighting promote the well-being of people in their environment, and in everyday interactions.  She believes light is transformative.  Kristin studied with Myron Barnstone for years, and incorporates the power of sacred geometry into her work as Design Lead at Lowe’s, a Fortune 40 company.  She also serves as an independent consultant for clients in the manufacturing, architectural and retail community between high end luxury and mass market.  She holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.



Areas of specialty: Composition/geometry/grids, The Fletcher Color System of Palette Control and Organization

Ryan Brooker launched his artistic career with a two-year apprenticeship under Myron Barnstone before receiving his BA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and attending workshops at Grand Central Academy. The representational painter and independent scholar created the education website, Laws of Composition. He publishes and lectures on the role of geometry from a multitude of academic perspectives, including an emphasis on gestalt psychology, vision science, and an in-depth study of painters throughout history who have incorporated geometric design into their work.

Website: LawsofComposition.com


cryforhelp-tavis-leaf-glover traviswork

Areas of specialty: Photography, Cinematography, Graphic design

Tavis Leaf Glover is a photographer based in Waikiki, Hawaii. He graduated from the College of Southern Nevada with a degree in Graphic Design, and studied with Myron Barnstone for several semesters. Tavis also studied Myron’s DVD classes extensively. He is an author, fine arts photographer, blogger and YouTube producer who uses his expertise in dynamic symmetry, visual perception, design and composition techniques to help photographers, cinematographers, and artists see the world differently.

Website: Ipoxstudios.com.


eddie eddie

Areas of specialty: Illustration, Commercial Applications, Digital Art, Sculpture, Figure and Anatomy, Technical Drawing

Eddie Kihm studied with Myron Barnstone for five years before earning his Bachelor’s in Sequential Art from Savannah College of Art and Design. Currently he’s a graphic designer in Baltimore working for Under Armour's Apparel Graphics Team, creating illustrated tee graphics. Eddie also does freelance illustration for skateboard companies like Pantheon, Earthwing, and Muirskate.

Website: https://www.behance.net/EddieKihm


kelseyportrait kelseyportrait

Areas of specialty: Drawing and Design principles, Figure Sculpture, Portrait Sculpture, Anatomy

Kelsy Landin started studying art at 14, and apprenticed with various artists before finding Myron Barnstone’s classes. She ended up living and working at Barnstone Studios for four years while learning painting, color theory, portrait and figure drawing, along with the golden section. Her passion for classical sculpting led to more apprenticeships with teachers from Hillsdale College and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Kelsy’s fascination with art is in the shaping of matter to express an idea or an emotion, whether it is with charcoal, sound waves, words or clay. She sells her work and teaches privately. Kelsy also designed the urn that holds Myron’s ashes.



 Each Barnstone Master Guide meets the following criteria:

  • Studied directly with master art instructor Myron Barnstone
  • Utilizes the principles of the Barnstone Method in their own work
  • Has taught and mentored others in the Barnstone Method
  • Is eager to share the secrets of design the classical masters used


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